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Hollin Hills was the first community in the Washington, DC Metro area to be made up entirely of contemporary homes. The 326-acre land was developed by Robert Davenport and designed by the renowned architect Charles Goodman.

All of the houses in Hollin Hills represent a design aesthetic rarely seen in the Washington Metro area. The modern feel of these houses is brought about by the floor-to-ceiling glass windows that bring the outside in. Clean lines and geometry work in concert with the low-slope or flat roofs and uncluttered exterior surfaces to produce these Mid-century Modern masterpieces.

The community does not have an official HOA, but it is actively preserved by the Design Review Committee and the National Register of Historic Places Program. There are several parks, along with two independent swimming and tennis clubs, within the neighborhood.

For more information, visit the Hollin Hills Official site. There is also a book written about this community, called Hollin Hills – Community of Vision, a Semicentennial History 1949-1999.

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