What the Home Sellers Need to Do After Closing

Congratulations, you just successfully sold your house! That was a big accomplishment, but you aren’t quite done yet. There are still a few things you have to do to tie up the loose ends. Here is a checklist of things that home sellers need to do after the house is sold.


  • Change of Address
  • Save Your Settlement Statement –  Make sure you save a copy of the Settlement Statement you received at closing in your tax file. Your tax preparer will need a copy to file your tax return. 
  • Cancel Utilities – The best practice is to cancel your utilities the day after the Closing Date. This is spelled out in the contract, and it also gives you a safety net in case there is a settlement delay. If your closing is at the end of the week, it might be a good idea to cancel your utilities the following Monday as a courtesy to the Buyer. If the utilities are turned off right before the weekend, the Buyer won’t have utilities for the entire weekend and that would suck for them.
  • Cancel Homeowner’s Insurance – Although you can cancel your homeowner’s insurance as soon as the closing is done. A safer practice is to wait until your bank account is funded with the sales proceed. This way you know for sure that the transfer of ownership has been recorded at the County.
  • Request Insurance Premium Refund – While you’re on the phone with the insurance company, request a refund of any unearned premium.
  • Request HOA/Condo Fee Refund – Depending on the timing of the closing and whey you pay your HOA/Condo fees, there is a possibility that you are due back a portion of the HOA/Condo fee. This does not happen often, but it is a possibility. If you are due a refund, contact your association to request the money.
  • Contact your Lender – Wait about 1-2 weeks after the closing before you contact your Lender. Verify that your balance is paid in full and ask them for any refund due. These include:
    • Escrow Refund
    • Excess Mortgage Payment Refund

That should cover everything!

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