REALTOR® Referral Program

How Our Property Management Referral Program Works

Keep Your Clients

We will not take your clients! When a referred client is ready to buy another property OR list the property for sale, we will notify you to contact your client AND recommend that they work with you.

If the client decides to work with us instead for whatever reason, we will still pay you a 25% referral fee for the purchase or the sale.

We Put It In Writing

You can trust us to deliver on our promise. We will sign a written contract outlining our referral agreement and referral protection clause.

We Will Impress Your Clients

Recommend us, and we will work diligently to ensure your clients are happy with our services — and ultimately, they will be happy with your recommendation.

You Earn Money and Residual Income

We treat you like a real partner and pay you in three ways:

  • Landlord Referral: We pay you two (2) months’ worth of our Property Management fee after the 2nd full month’s rent is collected (usually about 45 days from when the property is leased).
  • Realtor Referral: When another Realtor you referred successfully refers a Landlord, we will pay you $100 per property.
  • Residual Income: We pay you one (1) month’s worth of our Property Management fee for each Lease Renewal after the first 12 months.