Should You Request Mortgage Forbearance?

When the COVID-19 crisis starts, many banks begin to offer options to homeowners who cannot make mortgage payments or wish to take a break from mortgage payments. As of today, 9% of all home loans are in forbearance. According to Virginia REALTORS®: More than 4 million homeowners have entered into mortgage forbearance over the past … Read more

Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

Your home is most likely your biggest asset. Keeping your house well-maintained makes your home more enjoyable, cleaner, and healthier. And when you are ready to part way with your house, you can get a better price and sell it faster if it is well-maintained. Here is a checklist to help you maintain your home … Read more

How to Review and Update Your Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is essential because it protects your most significant purchase and most valuable asset. Homeowners insurance is designed to help you cover the repair costs when your home is damaged by a covered peril, recover the costs of stolen personal properties, and pay for the replacement cost of your home if it becomes necessary. … Read more

Difference Between Home Insurance and Home Warranty

One of the common questions I get from working with my Buyers is a variation of “Is home warranty the same as home insurance?” The short answer is no. They are two completely different products that protect the homeowner-to-be against different risks. Home Insurance Home insurance, or homeowner’s insurance, is an insurance product that you … Read more